The Slave

as you sleep
without you
as you drown
as you fall
as you speed
falling down
as you crawl
put your head on the ground

The Find

seven years you will be older
and you will see
how the world is changing around me
sometimes we are turning
into the ones we ought to be

seven years are longer than you think
the action makes the difference that you bring
may you are thru with your past
but the past ain't thru with this

maybe when you are older you will see
but somehow it never comes into me
somehow I never trust
the way I want to be

the more I want it
the less I try

The Bell

it's the ghost that
moves your hands off your bike
hides you're wasting your life
tells you're already gone
but somehow you let it done

it's the ghost that
fills your head full of clouds
peels the warmth out of your lungs
dries your mouth when you cry
but somehow you let it try

it's the ghost that
hides in the back of your car
blames your girl for Your fall
makes you feel more alone
but somehow you let it grow

it's the ghost that
tears the years into rhyme
ate half of your life
built your youth out of walls
but somehow you let it grow
and someday you'll let it go

let me against your love tonight
let me against the world tonight

The Run

as you are tired of the ways of your footsteps
and tired of the ways you roam
as you will take over lives with your armpits
taken the ones you hold

it's like the meaning of pain when you hold back
turning the care to shine
as you are tired of the world with your arms spread
over the pain you hide

as you are moving the sound with your eyelids
heaven folds
closes holes and all the walls

The Walls

she whispers when you turn on the radio
I choosed to play I'm here if you want me to
it turned out that I love you

The Tiger

line me up by the vault
with you
with this girl from school
just like you do

you are worth aching for
don't you
after all these years
you got to go

let them all walk away
with you
this life forever changed
but you do know

what do you want to do
go now
and let's run to the shore

somehow you just burned me
somehow you just do
choose your own adventure
I can hurt someone like you
I'll be here when you die
to carry you home
we are all
so alone