Left Hand

so your friend died
it's not my problem
when you call
you want me to be
so you're lost in heaven
waiting to be
and we were hopefully poor
and you were blessed by a saint
we hope like you do your way
we used to f**k all the pain out
so your wings were spilt from heaven
as you know, wait and you'll see
we always loved another, meaning just me
we were hopefully poor
and you were blessed by a saint
we hope like you do your way
we all just fade out

Tree Inside

say so, look inside the back of your car
she's wasted
water running down thru her neck
it means you're next
meaning that we're fooling the fool
you're useless, see you soon
same side, watching until the sun goes and sets
you helped me, helped me finding my own regrets
no more me
sounded like a lover to me and lightning shows the way
silence, silence going down thru your neck
you pull it
pull it because you wanted to pass as healing
healing's gonna blast from your chest
hoping, see you soon
I don't care, I don't care if it ends or it goes this way
I'm gonna die on my own either way
let me take you back to the sea
the only friend to me
say you're a sailor made by tears
I wanna call you a sailor made by tears

Forget Your Name

I'm so tired of my life
I wanna conquer the world
I'm just half of my size
elephants roaming the world
hey don't you come home tonight
I was just laughing, laughing by your side
life is coming so close, we are meant to be
worst than anyone you know

Kim Basinger


2 Yrs


Spitting Off Tall Buildings

maybe you're lucky
maybe you're sane
you always choose the wrong one to blame
tired of your own past
spit out a new
imagine you're nice to the people you know
less than an hour
comfort in this soul
look out the window
someone just try to adore
there was that kid once
who fell down the stairs
you're just like your father