Norbert Kristof is a Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer from Miskolc in Hungary.

He received his first guitar when he was 13 years old, and spent his formative years learning to play, record and perform. He started making music professionally 10 years ago. Although his original musical inspirations were all bands, Norbert grew to love the world of singer-songwriting, including such names as Damien Rice and Elliott Smith. Despite this, he still sees himself as a rock artist, and not a traditional singer-songwriter.

His associated acts: American Mercury and Winter Tale Summer Cry. He also produces and co-writes songs with other artists, as well as recording music for commercials and movies. Please feel free to contact Norbert with songwriting and/or producing requests, and his publishing company (Central Publishing) with briefs for commercials and movies.

Albums & EPs

Anna (2007)
The Tree (2008)
The World Of Never We Are Forever (2009)
Milk (2010)
Cut Your Hair (2012)
America (2013)
Koreatown (2014)
Magic Mountains (2015)
Earth (2017)
Protecting Soul and Innocence (2018)
X (2019)

Past Band Members and Collaborators:

Viktor Nagy, Gergely Bényi, Gergo Dorozsmai, Lóri Keresztes, Viktor Sági, Csaba Kovács, Balázs Vályi, Dóri Lázár, Joey Maas, Tamás Szabó, László Pete, Máté Török, Levente Boros, Belle Belle, Lilla Neményi, András Bodrogi Bozan, András Czimmermann, Norbert Murányi, Matyi Mohácsi, Peti László.